Flash MISHmash

Cognac One

Cognac One - the home of Ayala Champagne and Xavier Flouret Wines™. Cognac One is a USA based Importer and Wholesaler, of fine sprits. Media Plexus Inc. provided full-cycle programming for the dynamic, Data base driven website, using our own, acclaimed CleverCore PHP based platform. We have successfully integrated the design templates created by DEKA Design. We have also created a dynamic Flash application that attractively displays the entire range of all products, allows site visitors to visualize the product from all aspects: bottle's front and back, multiple labels, cork, etc, as well as obtain product related information.

Platform: Win + Mac
Software: Adobe™ Photoshop™, Adobe™ Acrobat 8, Adobe™ Flash™ 8, Eclipse, FDT, MTASC
Technologies/Languages: Action Script 2, XML